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Swaged big bore pellets are the art form perfected by Nielsen Specialty Ammo. The swaged slugs are made for the powerful pneumatic air rifles in 50 caliber, 45 caliber, 357, 9mm and even smaller calibers like 25, 22 and 177.

Slugs are designed more similar to traditional bullets used in firearms.  Pellets, or Diabolo Pellets, are made with a skirt to help auto correct increasing accuracy.  Where they do increase accuracy, they slow the pellet down quickly.

Slugs are more efficient at cutting through the air which allows them to retain energy longer.  Bullet Coefficient (BC) is a measure of how well a bullet will travel and retain it’s energy.  Slugs have a higher BC than pellets therefore retaining their energy over a longer distance.

This is important because the higher the BC the less drop the projectile will display.  It becomes a major factor in hunting because at longer distance the shooter will have to compensate more for bullets or pellets with a low BC so range estimation becomes more and more important.

BC also effect knockdown or killing power.  The faster the projectile is traveling the more energy, or killing power it has.  The better the BC, the faster it is traveling and the more energy it has.

Swaged Big Bore Pellets come in many calibers from Nielsen Specialty Ammo.  Starting on the biggest calibers for production air rifles is the 50 caliber.  A few manufactures sell this monster air rifle such as the Sam Yang Dragon Claw and Evanix.

The common big bore air rifle is the .457 caliber.  The Airforce Texan is currently the most powerful production air rifle in the world.  The Texan shoots a .457 at over 500 foot pounds of energy.

Nielsen Specialty Ammo has other 45 calibers pellets in .454 and .452 calibers as well.  The Sam Yang .45 is well suited for .454 sized swaged pellets or bullets.

35 caliber has become a popular big bore rifle caliber in pneumatic guns.  .357, .356 and 9mm are common Nielsen Specialty Ammo orders.  These work in in Benjamin Bulldog, Kalibr Cricket, Sam Yang Recluse and other popular 35 caliber air guns.

30 caliber is another up and coming caliber in the air gun world.  As of this writing it is only just catching on but seems to be the way of the future for many manufactures.  These can be made from pellet gun barrels which are normally .300 or from firearm barrels which may be .308 or .309.  All of these are available at Nielsen Specialty Ammo.com

Next down popular size is the 25 caliber.  Most pellet guns shoot .249, .250, .251, or .252.  Some shooters are now building their guns with a .257 barrel and are normally some of the most powerful 25 caliber air rifles made.  Nielsen Specialty Ammo has dies to make all of these combinations or any of these 25 caliber pellet guns.

22 caliber is one of the most popular varmint hunting pellet guns on the market.  They can be sized .216, .217, .218 or .219 in most situations.  There are some rifles made in .223 or .224 but are normally for custom manufactured rifles.  Nielsen Specialty Ammo makes 22 caliber pellet slugs in the .216-.219 range.

177 caliber slugs are uncommon to find because of the power of many of the .177 air rifles can not shoot heavy slugs.  For those who have a .177 air rifle powerful enough to shoot them it is nice to know Nielsen Specialty Ammo will be there to fulfill your need.

When ordering big bore pellets it is important to know the bore size of your barrel.  If you do not know you may want to order a sample pack to test your guns ability to shoot different sizes.  To save some money, try to research online to see if any has posted the bore size so you know what to order.  Sometimes the manufacture will disclose the bore size but it in uncommon.

Another factor is your rifle twist.  If you know this number it can help to pick the right designs that will work for your gun.  A pellet may work great in one gun and be terrible in another.  The more factors you know about your gun barrel will narrow down the search.